Monday, 7 January 2013


As I stood by the wallpapered wall
I watched her brush her silk hair
She was gentle
She was kind
She loosened every knot in the little girl’s dark curls
She sang her usual song
A song in a strange dialect
A song that lit the room
It made the little princess smile
I could feel the smile even though I couldn’t see her face
I wished I could touch her silk hair
Her silk mane that was just like mine
The hair that I trimmed a month ago
Just before I left her
The dark curls of my seed
I watch them from a distance
My immortal being felt sad
The pretty lady spoke kind words
Kind words that made my princess giggle
And then she lifted the mirror close to her spotless face
The sight of her well braided hair made her grin
And the long plaits she wiggled
The lady lifted her up in the air
A gesture she learned from me
And then she spun her around in her careful grip
My princess laughed
A laugh that made my heart cry
My lifeless being envied the lady who held my child
My princess wiggled her feet
The lady placed her on her well-made bed with fresh sheets
Everything in her room sparkled
The polished furniture glistened
Her Lego was well organized on the toy shelf
Barbie and Ken looked very happy on the book cabinet
I was pleased with what this sweet lady was doing for my princess
She was very kind to her
She was patient and loving
She never raised her voice at her
But correct her the same way I did
She learned well from me
Who knew a stranger could be kind to another
I was grateful to this lady who dwelled in my home
My spirit was now at peace
I could now complete my journey
I watched my daughter take a long deep breath
She was sleeping soundly
The lady dropped her favourite story book on the night table
Just few inches from where I stood
Unaware she was being watched
Ignorant of the presence of another being in the room
She turned on the bathroom light and turned off the bedroom light
Just like I used to
I hungered for those days of life as the lady closed the door behind her
I missed tucking in my little princess
It was time to leave
I could feel myself disappearing
I could feel the emptiness
I looked at my princess one last time
That was the sight I wanted to carry with me
My princess peacefully asleep in her soft bed

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2013
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