Monday, 12 November 2012


You are so different
We don’t rhyme
We fight quite often
We love sometimes
You look so pale
I look so hale
I smile my smile
Just for a while

I’m different
We are friends
We play all day
My candies I share
I invite…I offer
You decline
I listen to what you say
Babble babble babble

Where are you?
Hey you!
I want to play
Cos I’ve got a lot of time to spare
Time for our games
I’m ready
You are ready
Off we go!

You beckon
“Come on!”
“It’s time to play”
Along the sea
We build our castles
It’s wet
It’s set
Time for fun!

Good night…Goodbye!
I shut my door
And up to the sky
My final glance
My dearest friend
And tomorrow
We’ll play again!

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2012 few words

Questions asked
Answers far
A frown
I stare
It’s time to rest
My best I’ve done
All these years!

By Sylvia Chika


My mind is higgledy-piggledy
My thoughts are running wild
Wild with no control
And I cant calm myself
Im on the edge
Yet there is no choice to jump
Im just standing at the edge of the cliff
And looking down at the haze
If I go back, Ill face my past again
But if I jump, Ill face my future
Yet I cant jump
So I just stand there
With thoughts so crazy
Crazy crazy thoughts
I just stand there and drink-in my present
What a mess!
What a stationary mess!
I look up and stare at the clouds above
They seem so close and pure
I lift my hands to touch them
But the disappointment of reality hits me
I put my hands on my chest to feel my heart beat
It is beating really fast like my thoughts
The thumps so fast!
The thumps so hard!
My heart beats fast!
Spinning thoughts!
A racing heart!
I look down again
Below the cliff
But the haze I see no more
My traffic of thoughts accelerating
As the view below me clears
I see my future
So clear!
So there!
I shudder as the wind caresses my skin
And I finally make the decision
The decision to change my situation
To make a move
To embrace my future
So I leap into the yonder below me
I feel the sweet joy of my future
But yet the fear of crashing engulfs me
And then I wake
My bed so soaked
My clothes so drenched
I look around in confusion
It was all a dream!
A substance-induced dream
What substance?
What happened?
Answers I do not have
The many questions probing my conscience
My eyes feel so heavy
I close them gently
And drift again in sleep

By Sylvia Chika

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Drip! Drip!
Knock! Knock!
"Who’s there?"
Me here
Open the door!
Why not?
“Tell me…Why?”
“What if …
…you are the man that slays another?”
I’m not!
I’m hurt!
It’s raining!
It’s pouring!
I need to rest!
Please just open the door…
…So I may lay my drooping head
“Oh no!”
“No No!”
“I know you not”
“But on my pavement you may lay…”
“You may lay your head there…
…For a little while”
But why?
I sigh
I sob
I’m hurting deep
I need
I really need…
...A place…I plead
A place to lay my head
“Be gone!”
“Go away stranger!”
“Go away!”
“To the hay”
“And make a bed”
“My home”
“This dwelling of mine”
“This home is closed”
“So you can’t rest here”
I sigh
I cry
But you don’t budge
And still…
…I need…
…A place…
…To lay…
My head!

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2012


Find me
Search for me
Or should I search for you?
Chase me
Woo me
Let me see you soon

Sweep me
Off my feet
This love is just too sweet
I know you feel it too

I blush
When you brush
Your gentle fingers on my cheeks
I sway
This way
To your enchanting kiss

Let’s dance
My prince
Let’s get lost in this trance
Your love has weakened me

By Sylvia Chika


Above my bed so high
It hovers and it hums
Close to my sleeping ears
It sings the song I hate

Oh what such fate!
I really dread this music it makes
Excitedly it sings
Joyfully it stings
This little fly of blood

It hides in the bushes
And follows your sweet perfume
You clap and dance
It flies and flies
But yet it still escapes

It’s time to have a bath
And on my tiled wall it rests
Triumphantly I hit
Painfully I fall
You bloody fly of blood!

Oh why why why!
My swollen bandaged head
It comes again
And yet I stare
My lesson has been learned

By Sylvia Chika

Mr & Mrs Right

Speak to me
You handsome man of love
Tell me things
Your pleasant words of love
Make me stay
Make me fall in-love again
Dance with me in the rain
Oh my Mr Right!

We’ve known each other for years
We’ve been through thick and thin
And all my fears
We’ve shared and chased away
Your loyalty
So scarce and rare
You’ve been my friend
You are my Mr Right!

My chaste damsel
The princess of my heart
This love we have
From you I’ll never part
You are the best
My sweet cushion of rest
A queen you are
You are my Mrs Right!

I feel so proud
Envied by all my kin
I walk so proud
With shoulders lifted high
A friend you’ve been
With patience I’ve never seen
Forever in my heart

You’ll be my Mrs Right!

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2012

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The exit of a bad leader in Janikish

t felt like the beginning of the end as the results of the elections were announced. The sound of jubilation and relief filled the air as the natives ran out of their houses and to the streets. Loud music played from old stereos of the taxis parked at the roadside and the indigenes of the land danced rythmlessly to the music from the stereos.

The youths of the land ran out of their favourite local bars and drinking corners to the billboards nearby, mockingly dancing and screaming at the face of the man on the billboard. The face that brought them tears and sorrow. The face that intimidated the people rather than protect them. This was the King of Janikish town.

As the newscaster concluded the news, some excited youths made caricatures on the campaign posters of the man that fuelled their anger while some youths tore-up the campaign posters on the walls nearby.

The chaos was a happy one. Free drinks were given to the regular customers of bars and they chanted a victory song as they emptied their beer mugs.

Children ran on the streets with torn pieces of the campaign posters on their foreheads. They laughed joyfully at the men that danced on the streets and their mothers watched from the balcony of their homes. Old women joined in the chant with tears of joy in their eyes.

Certainly, there were a few groups of individuals who stood and watched the chaos with a look of disappointment. The man that bribed them and helped feed their families was no longer in power. These were the traitors in the land of Janikish. They helped empty the town’s treasury and imposed laws that hurt the Janikish people. These set of individuals hid in their homes when the results were announced and some of the powerful ones amongst them were still converged at the King’s palace. Their countenance certainly did not stop the celebration which had gotten more intense.

The famous entertainment centre in the town had declared its bar open for free drinks for a duration of two days. This entertainment centre known as, “Funiquor” is till date the largest drinking spot in Janikish. It attracts a large amount of tourists and is a very beautiful place most especially at night. A lot of activities go on in Funiquor at night such as comedy shows, music shows and a lot of dancing. The skimpily clad makossa dancers shake their slim waist to high life music each night to entertain the customers.

As the news of “Free Drinks! All Fun” at Funiquor spread across the land, people rushed to the entertainment centre to celebrate the exit of a bad leader and the entrance of the new King who was “the King of the people”.

This was their chosen leader. The man they voted for. The man the people loved. The man they wanted. He built boreholes in the town and had provided electricity for the people of Janikish. He provided free education for their children. He always wore a smile on his face and was ever ready to support any project that was beneficial to the Janikish people. He was to them, the great son of the soil.

The celebration of the exit of political imprisonment created unity amongst the people of Janikish town and brought merry to the land. They all kept their glasses filled for as long as they could and the celebration went on for days. This was a celebration of good things to come. It was a celebration of a new dawn for Janikish.

- By Sylvia Chika