Saturday, 25 February 2012

Not even I can comprehend it!

Even when they think I’m dead
I’m still alive
My breath has seized
But my heart still beats
The love you showed me as a mortal
Can’t be described
Not even I can comprehend it!

When the icy rain pours
And air is still
I feel your warmth
I feel it like a blanket
A shield that’s invisible to all
As crazy as it seems
Not even I can touch it!

As the cold bullets strike my numb chest
And the red liquid pours out from the holes
I still feel your love in my unbruised heart
This feeling is just too beautiful
Cos I feel the chill of death
But I’m still not perturbed
Not even death can comprehend it!

Alas, my eyes close slowly
I begin to fade into the white light
And my thread suddenly snaps
Everything seems cold and quiet
But still my heart beats on
But still, not even I can comprehend it!

By Sylvia Chika
BBM Channel: C002F2845
Twitter: @sylviaoz
© 2012 Sylvia Chika

Sunday, 19 February 2012

I hurt!

I never knew words had the power…
…the power to turn me inside out
The sound of your voice soothes my wounds
It heals my bruises
And makes me forget all you did to me
It brings me to tears
I know it shouldn’t be this way
I know the truth
But still I stay
Hoping you will see it someday
Praying that this hope won’t kill me

You tell me I don’t know the meaning of hurt
Oh yes! I do
I’ve felt it from the very first day this journey began
I feel hurt when you lash me with hurtful words
The tone of your voice is powerful
It carries the strength of an eagle
It claws at my chest and steals my heart away
And I bleed
My red liquid flowing uncontrollably
Drifting far from home
Oh! Such pain

If only you know what you do to me
The power of hurtful words
It’s so unfair cos I feel weak
So weak to even argue when you raise your voice
And talk in that tone
Don’t you hear my heart cry?
Can’t you hear what it says?
It’s crying out to you
Begging you to please STOP!
Stop spitting out those harsh words!
Oh! I fear for my heart

In the midst of all the turmoil
I look into your eyes and see it
What I fell in-love with
It seems so distant but I see it
I step forward too afraid to touch you
But I raise my fingers gently and touch your burning cheeks
Hot…so hot with rage
As my fingers trace your cheek bones
I feel it tense and then relax
And then the heat fades away and your eyes soften
At last! I see the “you” I love

As I raise the other hand and touch your hand
It seems awkward
But still, I lift your hand to feel my heartbeat
And you freeze
The tears in your eyes says it all
You wrap me in your arms in regret
And I know I’ll be fine
As the clouds of fury fade away
And sunshine lights up my room
I smile
And once again I lie to myself, “It will be okay!

By Sylvia Chika
BBM Channel: C002F2845
Twitter: @sylviaoz
© 2012 Sylvia Chika

Saturday, 18 February 2012


  Like a crack of light in darkness
Hope reaches out to the hopeless
It can crush a mountain of doubts
And awaken the youngest of smiles
It lives in the eyes of the destitute
And dwells in the hearts of the childless
Its weak aroma can be perceived in times of war
Its feathery scratch felt by the separated
“Though we war today, I shall live in peace tomorrow!”
A cry of hope!
Even though we all know the truth
The truth which sounds so bitter and distant
We hold our peace
We keep hoping for better days
We ignore the voice that tries to silence our hope
We keep hoping
For even the wise know that “hopelessness” is always louder than “hope” itself

By Sylvia Chika
BBM Channel: C002F2845
Twitter: @sylviaoz
© 2012 Sylvia Chika