Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Moving On!

I’m out of my mind
I left my mind behind
I can’t think straight
Yet I can see straight
Wait for me
Don’t make me see me this way
Rather let me roll in the hay
You are like my past
I can barely see you
My mind is jumbled
The music in my head is jumbled
I feel strange
Yet I’m happy
Feel my heartbeat
Fear not!
I can feel it pound
It has healed
No wounds
I feel fine
No more pains
I’m whole
I can now roll
Stand where you are
Don’t feel pity for me
Stare at your mirror
Who do you see?
I’ll write the biography of the image in the mirror
Get on your boat
Sail to Alaska
Freeze but stay alive
I’m fine
I forgive you
I still love you
I’m just stronger
Stronger than when you left me
You seem so pathetic to me now
Yet I still love you
Yes you!
See me roll
Watch me glow
I’m just like the sun
Watch out Hon
I won’t be partial
I learnt the art
And it’s martial
I’m addicted to my own strength
My frame you bent
I’m straightened up now
I’ve seen the light
See you in my bright future
Don’t die please
I need you alive to see me shine
I’m like your favorite drama series on repeat
But the episodes just get better
I'm  moving on!

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2013
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