Monday, 7 January 2013


He said she was beautiful
He was obsessed with her beauty
Her beauty was his sunshine
Her skin
The feel of silk
Her lips
Full and pink
Her eyes
Huge and alluring
Her legs
Long and spotless
Her bosom
Heavy and young
Her poise
Elegant and confident
She was his dream girl
He dreamed of her each night
And daydreamed about her each day
She was like a mirage
Real to his eyes yet unreal to his hunger
She was everyman’s dream

She was beautiful…yes!
She knew it
Her beauty was captivating
She was aware they all wanted her
Her charm was rare and magnetic
She saw them drool as they stared
And she secretly loved the attention
It all was a cliché to her
But little did they know of her pains
Her unending sorrow
The pains that kept her awake every night
The memories that made her roar in agony
The shadow that lurked in the dark
The figure that prodded her delicate being
She wished they could see the horror
She wished she could be free from these chains
These invisible chains…these shackles
Oh who would rescue her!
She whispered to herself each time they stared
But no one knew the true tale
For she was HUNTED

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2013
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