Monday, 22 August 2016


It was dusk
They were in a hurry
Paul, John, Jake and Larry
The darkness was creeping in
They lifted the earth
Covering the last piece of evidence
A wicked bunch of rebels
Young and foolish they were
They smiled at themselves
Mission accomplished!
Deeds buried!
Oh, how smart they were…
…or so they thought
They picked up their tools
And fled the scene of the crime
No one saw them
No one suspected a thing
No one in sight to judge their sin
No cause for alarm!
Off to their home
Straight to the shower
And ….to their beds
They shut their eyes
Happy with their success
Pay day was in a few hours
The boss would be so proud of them
But little did they know
That was just the beginning
The wind blew hard
As they snored their guilt away
The blanket of sand upon the earth was lifted high
The trees bowed down to welcome the rain
And then the rain poured
Weeping like a mother who had just lost her child
It poured
In anger…it poured
Uncovering every buried piece of evidence
Revealing the hidden evil
The earth, wind and rain formed a partnership
As the rebels snored away
The earth, wind and rain had a vision
They were determined to accomplish their mission…
…Oh, what a night it was!
And then the morning came
Everything naked
Everything revealed
Everyone saw it
Everyone knew it
All that was covered was now naked
Naked for all to see
Naked it was
Doomed they were

By Sylvia Chika
Instagram: @sylviachikawrites
BBM Channel: C002F2845

© 2016 Sylvia Chika

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I’ve heard all you’ve said…I’m touched
Your heart feels squashed
Don’t let your spirit be crushed
Just let the pain be washed
(Upset) Oh…I’m doing it again!
This disguise I must squash

They hurt you every time
You cry all the time
You weep on my shoulders e-v-e-r-y time
I cry with you sometimes
(Angry) I’m done!
This is a crime!

I’ve loved you for so long
You put me in a zone I don’t belong
My heart you’ve hung
(Teary-eyed) That’s just wrong!
I’m now your tag-along
But not for long

You call me friend
But my heart you apprehend
“A true friend to the end”
 (Scoffs) What a fool I’ve been!
I’ve been in this zone far too long…why…I really can’t comprehend
So all I’ve done is pretend

But today I draw the line
This zone I decline
I’m not your kin…stop piercing my heart like a porcupine
I’ve waited twelve years for you to be mine
I’m tired of being sidelined
(Walks away) I’m out!

By Sylvia Chika
Instagram: @sylviachikawrites
BBM Channel: C002F2845


© 2016 Sylvia Chika