Thursday, 30 August 2012


She lived a pretty happy life
She smiled and made merry
She was the envy of many
She was graceful and tame

Eyes followed her wherever she went
Children got excited in her presence
She was like a golden flower
A golden flower that could never wither

She was content with her life
A simple but happy life
A life that knew freedom and peace
An admirable life it was for her

And then the dark clouds appeared
Like a lion attacking its prey
It sprung into her life
And with a story so sad but interesting

They talk about the disease
The media warns and cries daily
But it seemed like a fairy tale to her
With deaf ears she lived a life of freedom

It was until that day
The day it was consummated
Premature yet sweet
The forged beauty of fornication

He seemed so perfect
So perfect without flaws
Unbleached by evil or plagues
Sweet like candy and chocolates

But she was wrong
Oh so wrong!
That was the kind of chocolate bar that was forbidden
A bar infected with bad bad consequences

And he knew all this while
But he was silent
Why! How can a person be so cruel?
She twists her pretty curls as she wonders

Still staring at the white paper in her hands
Tears roll down her cheeks
She stares
She sobs

The mistakes we make
The silly sacrifices for silly moments of bliss
The warnings we ignore
The scars we have to live with

And now she had to live with
The incurable disease
The slim-disease
The disease of a lifetime

The beauty remains
The freedom ever present
The charm glowing like flames
But the disease of a lifetime she had

Oh such an unhealthy dark cloud that would never go!

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2012


If only they could hear her scream, “Help me!
The chaos all around her was loud yet quiet
Her loved ones kept screaming at the doctors
The doctors kept whispering to the nurses
The nurses continued to shake their heads and this seemed to annoy her loved ones
The feel of her husband’s tears dripping on her dry cheek made her long for the life that was gradually slipping away
She was fighting for her life
Her breath was seizing
The silence was getting even quieter
The calmness was sweet yet wrong
Her eyes were still wide open
She could see it all
She could smell the pungent smell of the hospital
The bright lights stung her eyes
And the white tiles made her feel strange
The nurses seemed upset now
They were pointing at a door
The sign on the door read, “Cashier”
Why were they pointing at that door?
Was the Cashier going to be her Superhero?
Was the Cashier her Sweet Doctor of Healing?
Was the door a miracle door?
If only they knew how close she was to the white light
The hospital lights weren’t the only lights stinging her eyes
There was a stronger source of light
Bright but hazy
Her strength was gradually slipping away
She tried to say something but the words won’t form
Her lips trembled but still, “no words”
Her husband squeezed her right hand and muttered something in pain
She could feel the pain in his brown eyes pierce her heart like a sword
Oh she loved this man!
She truly loved him
And she cherished their fruit
The little being in her round belly
Her mother ran towards that door and came out shortly in frustration
She could see the sorrow in her mother’s eyes
The nurses had stopped pointing
The doctors were nowhere to be found
Something seemed wrong
The nurses slowly left her side in turns
Her husband was now crying like a helpless child
He was dramatically tearing his shirt and running around
He was enraged and she wondered why
The light in her eyes were now blinding her
But mysteriously she could see nothingness
She could no longer see anyone
No loved one
No door
No tiles
No nurses
No doctors
Strangely but amazingly her breath was nonexistent
And then she felt like she was falling
And her eyes opened again
But this time around she could move
So she rolled off the stretcher
But she felt no pain on hitting the ground
She looked around and saw her mother holding a pink bag with money in it
As her husband threw the notes at the nurses in frustration
His eyes were red and he cried bitterly
He suddenly ran out of the hospital
And she ran after him
The doors hit her but she felt nothing
It was like she was floating
He fell on his knees and wept hard
She stooped to comfort him but couldn’t
She couldn’t hold him
Her hands went through his sorrowed being
Then the truth hit her hard
She was no more

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2012

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The feeling it gives
The soothing feeling
The dangerous lightness
It creates a fake sense of calm and peace
It makes you laugh and smile
It transforms ugliness to beauty
You run after a human-sized mosquito and think you can catch it
You laugh even at the weirdest jokes
You kiss and make merry

It tears your morning apart
And transforms a good morning to a bad afternoon
Your head seems heavy
You hold your head in your hands to confirm its size
Hmmm…it feels normal
And then you remember the previous night
Arghhhh…you turn to your right and scream

Oh no! What happened last night?
She smiles at you
A smile so ugly
You shudder in fear
She tries to pull you back in bed
You wriggle free, grab your jacket and dash out
Leaving behind your shame
But not the memories
Dirty and shameful memories
A you that wasn’t meant to be

The memories hunt you as you struggle with your house key
The quietness of your house causes you to shudder again
You look at the clock
The reality of time nearly tearing your heart apart
Sitting on the sofa, you try to gather your thoughts
The fear of the unknown
If only you had stayed at home…
The thought of your adulterous act been reveled
The look on your wife’s face
The fear of disrespect in her eyes

Gently walking into the room
You go numb
Like the chilled air of winter’s night
You go cold
A sight so wrong
Oh, so wrong!
What happened last night?!
The sight of your wife’s corpse with another
Oh God!
And then it comes back to you


By Sylvia Chika

© 2012 Sylvia Chika

My Muse is gone!

I miss my muse
Where has he gone?
Life is not the same without my muse
I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t find him
I’ve lifted furniture and scattered the sands on the earth
But my muse is nowhere in sight
My Muse is gone!

What a silly decision I took
I acted like such a child
And longed for the one thing I shouldn't have
Oh silly me!
I made him flee from me
Now I’m all alone and uninspired
With distaste in my mouth

My heart weeps for my muse
With eyes so wet I try to sketch
My brush glides on my board
But no inscriptions are seen
I’ve lost it all!
I caused it all!
Now I’m all alone without my muse


If I (can) speak in the tongues of men and (even) of angels, but have not love (that reasoning, intentional, spiritual devotion such as is inspired by God’s love for and in us), I am only a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. (1 Corinthians 13:1)

When I talk about the love I have for God
I speak various words in English
And sweet words in my mother tongue
My heart is filled with an indescribable longing
My eyes soften 
I close my eyes
And then the tears spill down my face
My spirit becomes alert
Words are not enough to describe how I truly feel
His love excites my soul
And I sway in his love
His love is like a warm blanket around me
For his love is so pure and true

Many of us have a special way we feel
That unique feeling when we worship God
That feeling of security
That feeling of divine love
It settles on the meek like a sheet of cotton
And soothes all pains
His love surpasses all
It is patient
It is kind
It is divine
It is perfect
It is right
His love is pure and sweet
His love is ever true

Oh! If only we could comprehend
If only men could open their mortal eyes to His divine love
See how much He loves us all
We sin yet He loves us
The bling lifestyle of the world pulls us away from him
Yet He waits on us
How much He has given us…so so much
A supreme being that gave His only son to die... die for us all
That is a God of integrity and honor
A Being of supremacy
The God of all creation
A God with love so true
He is My God

By Sylvia Chika

He Brings Peace

He Brings Peace
Peace Undeserving To Man
But Peace, It Is
Pure Peace
Divine Peace
Like Pure Cotton on the Skin, It Comforts U
Envelopes Your Soul and Yields A Sense Of Calm
And You Smile
And Look Up and Proclaim His Awesomeness
Cos You Know He Alone Can Bring Peace

His Presence Brings Peace
It Washes Away the Deepest Of Pains
It Searches Your Soul and Presents Your True Being
It Places You on a Majestic yet Unearthly Platform
And You Answer Your King
With A Heart of Humility and Truth
Knowing That He Alone Owns Your Being
And He Alone Do You Owe It All To
The Purest and Truest Being in Existence
The Presence That Brings Peace

His Voice Brings Peace
Peace Known to Only the Meek and Pure
But To the Dark Hearted
It Condemns or Destroys
A Voice That Commands Yet Consoles
A Voice That Judges Yet Forgives
A Voice That Thunders Yet Soothes the Soul
The Most Powerful Voice of Authority
The Voice We All Crave For
The Voice That Brings Peace

A Kingdom Of Peace
His Kingdom Of Love
A Kingdom Of Standards
Standards of Purity and Love
Only the Purest Immortals Can Ply the Golden Roads
The Purest With a Heart Filled With Love for Him
The Kingdom That Houses the Greatest Choirs
The Kingdom of the Most High
The Kingdom That Ends All Pains
The Kingdom Of Peace

By Sylvia Chika


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Gen 1:1)

In his beauty he created us all
In his beauty he gave us life
In his beauty he forgives our sins
In his beauty he gives us another chance to love him
In his beauty he purifies our soul
In his beauty he provides our daily bread
In his beauty he heals our land
In his beauty he takes care of the creatures of the earth
In his beauty he causes the sun to shine and the moon to glow
In his beauty the stars light up the night sky
In his beauty he gives us a home for an after-life
In his beauty he gave us his only son
In his beauty he allowed us spit on his son and he paid the price for our salvation
In his beauty he watched his son hang on a cross for us all
In his divine beauty we are still ungrateful
But still his beauty remains
And he leaves his arms open to us all
By Sylvia Chika