Friday, 11 January 2013


Fire crackers activated
Dogs howl from near-by houses
The night is electrified and merry
Kids run around in their red and white hats
Adults stand in pairs as they watch the fireworks light up the sky
All seemed hearty and electrified
But it wasn’t so for the little old lady in the blue house
The sounds seemed to irritate her ears
The lights seemed to disturb her once peaceful slumber
She felt no need to celebrate
Her family was nowhere around her
The little food in her kitchen was contaminated by rodents
Her house was so dirty and dusty
And the springs in her bed derived joy in poking her wrinkled back
This was no celebration for her
She was pissed and annoyed
The love of her life had gone to the other side
And she was left to face this memorable day in the Christian calendar all alone
She couldn’t take it anymore
She hurriedly staggered towards the door
The chaos outside her home was enough to drive her crazy
It was just 12 am and the whole street was like a war zone
A battle of idiots!
Christmas intoxicated fools!
She quickly ran into the house to pick up the one gift her husband left behind
Cork! Cork!
And then…
The first shot seemed to go unheard
The second shot caused a little silence
The third and fourth shot caused chaos
She smiled to herself
The Christmas was getting interesting
The fifth shot forced everyone to run into their homes
She laughed hysterically and slipped back into her house
She felt so proud of herself
The night was still so young
She laid back on her bed and covered her frail figure with a wool blanket
Her eyelids were now so heavy
She was in a jolly mood
Oh what bliss!
She closed her tired eyes and journeyed to the world of dreams and peace
This felt good
No firecrackers, no fireworks, no lights, no noise
This was the best Christmas ever!

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2013

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