Wednesday, 9 January 2013


It felt like a stroll on hot coals
The pain was unbearable
The betrayal was shameful
An image he’ll never forget
She had scarred his heart forever
She was unaware of his findings
The beautiful liar
All clad in white
Standing before him
In the presence of all their loved ones
And before God
With a smile so angelic
With eyes so innocent
She recited her vows
False tears of joy
He couldn’t comprehend why
But he was not letting go
He would marry this liar
He would rip her heart out like she did his
He would let her pay for her own sins
He would give her what she deserved
A marriage of torment
This was his gift to her
It was payback time
He returned her smile
He held her hands in a loving manner
He was standing before her
He was the groom in this ceremony
But yet he was in a different place
A different world
He could see her in this world
She was in a pool of her own tears
She had bars all around her
And he just stood and watched her
This was a world of payback
The ceremony was over now
He was no longer in a trance
It was time to face reality
She kissed him softly
She pulled him towards the door of their new home
He pulled her into his cold embrace
He sniffed her black hair
And he let the tears spill down his face
She tried to break free from his cold embrace
She knew something was wrong
She wasn’t sure what it was
He kissed her soft ears and whispered the truth softly
More tears spilled as he recreated the scene he stumbled upon the previous night
He felt her stiffen as his words painted the picture
His words created a perfect scene of her betrayal
She was shaking now
She wasn’t crying
She just stood in horror
He took few steps away from her
He studied the bride before him
He looked into the eyes of this lady he once loved
He could see regret
He could see shame
He could see confusion
He could see fear
Her lips trembled
He felt his heart harden
This was just the beginning
It was a preface what was yet to come
He strolled past her and into their new home
A home of deceit
A home for his new bride

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2013
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