Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Picture on the wall
A glance in the mirror
The object on the wall
Ripped wallpapers
Chipped tiles
Aged-stained bed sheets
Determination written on the lines on her face
She no longer saw herself
She only saw the picture in the frame
The pretty girl in the photo on the wall
That was a girl with a life of glam
A girl clad in fur and silk
The beautiful Hollywood actress
It was going to be a difficult transformation
She was truly determined
She had dyed her brunet curls blonde
Sunshine-blonde like the mane of the damsel in the picture
She was going to suck on her lips until they had a pout
She no longer craved food
If skinny was in vogue, then skinny she’ll be!
This new lifestyle made her lie in unknown beds
This lifestyle caused her to kiss the lips of many
Her dresses were never worn below her knees
She was willing to go the extra mile
She was determined to lay with the ugliest beings
She was going to be exactly like the girl in the picture
She was willing to take the road of damnation
She was willing to ruin an unknown destiny
She had tasted poverty
She knew what it meant to lack
What it felt like to crave the crumbs from the shiny floors of the rich
What it meant to lack appropriate clothes to suit the ever changing weather
What it meant to be called names and be covered in shame
How it felt to lack acceptance
Acceptance from the society
She was never picked in competitions despite be intelligence
She could never qualify for pageants
She was too scruffy for such
But that would all change soonest
She would risk it all
She would rip the rags and wear pretty jewellery
She would belong to this royal niche
She wanted to belong
She didn’t care what they said
She was a “Wannabe”

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2013
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