Saturday, 8 March 2014


The dusty wind carried a scent
He wasn’t sure of what it was
Yet he took a deep breath
And filled his wide wrinkled nostrils with a dose of fresh dust
One would wonder why he was unperturbed by the dust
But the joy in his heart knew no bounds

He turned around and he saw her
The queen of his heart
She blew hard on the burning wood
She always found it difficult lighting the fire
This was her limitation
But it was his strength

So he hurried towards the love of his life
And held her frail hands to stop her from trying harder
He puts some more dry leaves on the burning wood
And he blew hard
So hard that he felt like a dragon
The soot covered kettle rattled a bit as the fire surround its little frame

She smiled at him sweetly
She might be imperfect to the world
But she was perfect for him
She was his sunshine
And his mission was to love her
To cherish her and make her smile till his dying day

His shaky hands held her frail and aging hands
Oh yes! This was her husband
Sixty years with a man who made her smile
Challenges came…Challenges spoke
But together they united and fought the trials
An army they both were
A commander and priest he was to her
A leader in their home
A husband…a lover

He rose to his feet and pulled her up to hers
The dusty wind hit her hard
And she cringed
But still her heart was glad
Like a teenager, she walked into his warm embrace

Every scar on his wrinkled skin was a mark of victory
His strength she admired
Their seeds she cherished
A man of honor and sincerity he was
Sixty years had passed since she said yes to him
Sixty years of love and submission
And despite the death of two kids
They stood strong
United they stood
Forever one

By Sylvia Chika