Tuesday, 8 January 2013


This girl you see
This young naive gal
This innocent beauty
With skin so supple
Clean and sparkly
Bright eyes
An innocent yet shaky smile
Pink lips
Well-formed figured
Ripe and young
This young beautiful Bonita
This young flower
The one who loves you
The one who craves for you
The one who has written to you countless times
Words of love
The one unworthy of your attention
The one that cares the most
She sits and watches you
You catch her stare
Yet she acts unperturbed
She distracts herself
Yet her thoughts remain
She craves deeply
Wishing one day she’ll be worthy
Be worthy of your costly attention
She sits patiently
Watching the hawks have their share
The carnal beings of the world
They tear little pieces of your good being
She watches helplessly
Waiting patiently for the day you’ll notice the colour of her afro curls
She twists and turns
Yet all you see is the stool she sits on
You don’t even notice her hunger
You walk past her
She cringes in pain
You hug the one behind her
Kiss the lips of another
She watches in horror
Tears in red
Pain intense
Heart wrenched
Yet hopeful
She grows
She blossoms
A flower of youth and beauty
The tables turn
She sees you in a different light
No longer does she want you
She despises you
Your lifestyle
Your looks
Your charm
You plead for her attention
But it is too late
She no longer craves for you
You stare at your reflection in the pool
The horror is unbearable
Such a fool!
Such a fool you’ve been
You look north and see her in the arms of another
The worship in her eyes claws your heart
You groan
The shame
The regret
The pain
You clench you palms
Grind your tobacco stain teeth
And you walk away in a hurry
For it is too late
You had your chance...

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2013