Monday, 8 October 2012


Pillow soaked with tears
Tears of pain and betrayal
Tears from years of commitment
Tears of doubt and uncertainty
Tears of bitterness and planned revenge
What did she do wrong?
How could he kiss the lips of another?
How could he lie in the bed of another?
A painful spasm travels across her chest
And she winces
And hugs the teddy she loved so much
But she suddenly pulls it away from her
And takes a good look at it
This look wasn’t a look of love
It was a look of resentment and fury
The bloody fool!
An arrogant and ungrateful man he was
A betrayer!
So careless and silly she was
She so hated this teddy now
And it now looked so ugly and just too furry
Just like the heart of the one that gave it to her as a gift
Furry with dirt and ugly with betrayal
She flings the teddy out of the window and into the streets
That’s where it belonged
That’s where he belonged
Out on the streets just like a destitute
Now the pain was choking her
So she pulls her pillow close to her bosom
And cries herself to sleep
To sweet tranquility!

He stares at the figure in front of him
Her lips moving with the speed of light
As she rattled her lies
Stuttering and rattling she spills false words
A made-up scenery of her whereabouts
It has been two weeks now…
And she shows up with tales
Tales of more and more drama
New clothes and a new smell
Beautiful she looked but yet so pathetic
Eyes filled with false tears
Hands flying in the air as she demonstrates her flimsy ordeal
His heart was so heavy
Betrayed by the one he so loved…
Or loved
There is really a thin line between love and hate
It was so very true
But that line was now non-existent for him
He had crossed over to the other side
His love for this woman was now lost
The pain of betrayal
How could she?
There was proof
He was the most famous fool in town
The most talked about fool
He had seen her several times…
Seen her the arms of another
So hurtful but yet so true
He hoped she would change
But he was wrong
And it was already too late
Because he had changed!

By Sylvia Chika
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