Monday, 8 October 2012


We weep
We cry
We wail
We scream
It hurts
The pain
We scream
In vain
He has gone
She has gone
Far far away
The land so far
The land of Immortals
Dead and gone
Gone too soon
Gone too far
The pain
Oh the pain!
The vacuum
The loss
He was good
She was good
The man
The woman
The vacuum
Oh the vacuum!
The tears
They pour
My pool of tears
I’m weak
My throat hurts
The tears
They blind me
My leaking eyes
I drip
And I drip
No more to see
No more to hear
The voice is gone
Oh why!
Far far away
I’m blank
Not knowing what to do
Oh death!
Why art thou so greedy!
Why take the young?
Why take the precious?
I cry!
I wail!
I’m in pain
I need a hug
No…not a hug
We need him back!
We need her back!
Come back!
Come back and be mortal again
Fill this space
My heart cries
My voice is lost
And my eyes leak again
Forming a new pool
A fresh pool of tears
The whys are now too many
That’s all I hear
And then it hits me
The whys won’t bring you back
Because you are no more!


By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2012
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