Saturday, 13 October 2012

How beautiful the night is!

How beautiful the night is!
Quiet yet filled with music
Music from big and little creatures
Music from far and near
But distance doesn't really matter
For every sound is heard at night

The crickets sleep not
They chirp and make sweet night sounds
Music of the night
All sounds are tuned up at night
Loud enough for all to hear
Musical solace it is

The huge creatures lay in their beds
They snore musically
How different they sound asleep
The strongest of men unconscious
How fragile they look!
Unperturbed by their worries
As the music of the night calms their restless hearts

How beautiful the night really is
The moon glows above the earth
Illuminating its stunning nature
Encouraging the beautiful stars to shine
Oh how beautiful the night is!
How sweet the earth sleeps!

By Sylvia Chika Ozoemena

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