Monday, 8 October 2012

Strange Love

This love was strange
She was giving it too freely
It was hitting his heart like hail falling on glass
Clear…awesome….yet annoying
He was used to ice
Not this warmth
It was all too strange
All too strange and rare
Love pure yet frightening
His heart craved it yet its existence frightened him
Is this really the way love is meant to be?
Or was it just an act to get more from him?
He stared at her whenever she was close
But all he could see was innocence and beauty
Beautiful she was
Kind she was
And as elegant as a peacock
Yet he felt he didn’t deserve this love
And was suspicious of it
Her every act of kindness made him move father away from her
He couldn’t fathom this love so sweet
She was ready to sacrifice everything
But he wondered why
Why did this beautiful swan love him so?
What did he do to deserve such kindness and attention?
What did she really want from a common lad like him?
His troubled heart was worried and puzzled
Her love for him was disturbingly pure and strange

She was giving this love
Love so pure and true
She was ready to give it even on her dying day
She gave herself to him despite his nonchalant attitude
She had promised herself she would be true to him
She promised herself she would love him
She couldn’t point out the reason she loved this man
But she truly loved him from the depth of her heart
This relationship was giving her painful joy
Yet she promised herself to love him
He was her muse
He was her joy
So she still strived for his love
She remained true to him
She fought for his heart
And was ready to fight for it as long as she lived
She was ready to climb the steepest mountains for this love
She was in for the long haul
But the look in his eyes sometimes frightened her
She caught him staring at her coldly
A look that was uncertain and scary
Like she was a stranger
This tore her heart
But yet she loved on

Time had passed
But yet she was still around
She was still in-love with him
She still had that spark in her eyes
He still wondered why
Why did she look so happy being with him?
Why was she always cooking for him?
Why was she always asking to be around him?
Quietly watching him and learning his likes
He always believed that true love was never free
And he was certain he’ll never experience it too
But seeing this swan love him was something that was worthy of a museum
To be preserved and kept in a safe place for all to see
She was there through the good and bad times
But he needed his life back
A life of loneliness but certainty
At least in that life he was certain there was a reason for every act of kindness
It was a life of “If you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours”
It was a life of either black or white
And not “GREY!”
Who needs grey when you can get two of its parent colours?
But this love actually felt good
And somewhere in his heart he knew he truly loved this girl
But he’ll never risk showing her how much he loved her

She was tired of this pain
This pain that had found a home in her heart
It was slowly killing her
She was loving this lad but was getting so little in return
She kept consoling her raging emotions
She even wore a bandage each time her heart was bruised
But she had run out bandages and her heart was bleeding now
She was certain the hot pain was from the blood that was spilling from her bruised heart
The competition was getting too much
Too many rivals
Too many distractions
He seemed carried away by other things besides her
She could stand before him but yet he wouldn’t see her
She felt invisible in his world
It really did hurt
And she knew it was either her sanity or this bitter-sweet love
It was a choice she had to make
She was losing it now
And it was killing her
So she made her choice
A hard decision
But the choice she made!

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