Saturday, 13 October 2012


It moves fast
With the force of ten thousand men
Racing towards our lands
And dwelling above our farms
Moving inland
Sweeping the land
Causing loss and grief
But insistent it is

I climb up to my rooftop to watch…
To watch it  approach my cemented wall
My gate rattles and shakes
Because it knocks with great might
In fear I shake
Trembling and anticipating
It slowly creeps into my territory
And a tear drop slips down my right cheek

It’s awesome how the one once ignored
The peaceful one can cause so much loss
All around me…I’m surrounded!
Surrounded as it tenaciously claims my land
I’m vexed
I’m sad
But I can do nothing
So I sit still and stare

Its roar intimidates my courage
Courage to watch it overtake all in its way
Overtaking my land, house…my property!
I scream but no one hears my cry
No one at home but me
No one to hold
No one in sight
Only plain darkness I see

I give up on my cry for help
Ignoring the thought of any sort of help
Waiting to be submerged by this overwhelming being
But suddenly I see a light
I hear my name being screamed
“Usoro jump into the water!”, the familiar voice screams
“I’ll take you to dry land”, the voice screams again
I look at the canoe below with tears of joy and relief in my eyes
And so grateful I am to God!

By Sylvia Chika
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