Saturday, 13 October 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

It is the day
The same day I was birthed but a different year
A few years ago I cried
I wailed helplessly in my crib
As hunger spoke to my little belly
And Mama lifted me up to suckle
I drank sweet milk from her swollen breasts
And happy I was again

A few months later I crawled
Around the room I explored
And when fatigue overpowered my little frame
Over the rug I sprawled

I cannot remember every detail
But grateful I am that I am grown
With wide hips
And a fair skin
Beautiful I am today

Im amazed at how far Ive come
Talented and happy I am
Burning the candle each night to write
On my paper I spill my thoughts

Back to the subject matter
Another year Ive gained
Lets make a toast to the Sylvia we know
Im so grateful to you Lord
A Happy Birthday To Me!

By Sylvia Chika

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