Saturday, 13 October 2012


Kindness is an act!
It is an act straight from the heart
If it is not from the heart then it is staged
Staged and very false
Not worthy of its reward

Kindness is a beautiful act!
… Like planting a seed in good soil
And watching the seed blossom
Blossom into an amazing tree
Its fruits are even more beautiful than the act itself

Kindness is an act from one heart to another life
From a beautiful life to a needy heart
It is a perfect gift!
It never removes anything from the giver
Rather it increases the giver’s harvest

Kindness is an expression of love
It phases out sorrow
And brings light into the life of the receiver
A smile that heals
An act of love

Kindness is a virtue!
'Without kindness there’ll be wickedness…so much!
“Oh Lord, please make men see reason to be kind to one another…
Soften their hearts and let them see reason to show love to one another”
For kindness yields peace

By Sylvia Chika

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