Saturday, 13 October 2012

Trample and Smile

Be careless and float on clouds
Be stupid and make merry
Be blind to the truth before you
Be rid of the truth in your heart
Discard your conscience
Arrogantly bully the innocent
Toss their property to the dogs
Make them kneel and watch
Threaten their lives and watch them cry
Steal their gold and watch them strive
Be zealous in your wickedness
And never flee from your actions
Pour fuel on the roofs of their burning huts
Cause drought in their fertile land
Release the plagues and laugh at will
Be mean and bear no grief
Lose your conscience to carnal things
Create little space in your hearts for kindness
Just drink and make merry
Throw parties and make babies
But the day of The Maker is near
And the Lord would take his own!

By Sylvia Chika Ozoemena

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