Friday, 17 May 2013


As I walk down the hallway
I can still hear you laugh
I can smell your perfume
I remember how you loved to dance in your shorts
Dancing and singing in an awkward voice
I can still remember how you loved to tiptoe and kiss me on my cheeks
It is all too real
I push the door leading to our living room
It creaks and opens awakening more memories
Memories and longings
I remember how we used to cuddle on the sofa
We would cuddle for hours
Talking and talking
Renewing our vows
Making plans
Laughing at jokes
Those were the best days of my life
The love I felt for you was real
You were the best thing that ever happened to me
I looked forward to a future with you
You made me feel so complete
Thoughts of us together hunts me every night
Questions torture my heart
Memories cover my entire being
I can't think straight anymore
I am going crazy thinking about you
I wonder what I did wrong
Where I went wrong
Why you left me for another
I can't comprehend it all
It is killing me
I was so foolishly in love that I didn’t see it
I was blinded by my own love for you
I couldn’t see the truth
You weren’t in love with me anymore
I no longer made you happy
I couldn’t give you kids
I bored you
You felt pity for me
You no longer loved me like you used to
The tears in my eyes feel so hot
I can no longer keep this house
It is time to sell it
I pray it wouldn’t bring the new owner so much sorrow
I pray that this house would bring him joy
That this house would always make the new owner smile
Cos it leaves me with no reason to smile
It's been four years now
And it is time to move on
I deserved to be happy
And I am ready to bury the past for good

By Sylvia Chika
Twitter:@ sylviaoz

© SylviaChika 2013
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