Thursday, 16 May 2013


Broken figurines
Shattered plates
Chaos in the kitchen
Chaos in the living room
A corridor with a tale
A home so gray
Tears in her eyes
A teenager weeping
A young lady with scars
Too many scars…too many stories
Her skin…a storybook
Her scars…the chapters
One author
Four characters
A pretty damsel
The abused teenage
An abusive father
A blind brother
A wayward mother
A home in shambles
A weak foundation
Decaying pillars
A teenager with legs apart
The legs that welcomed a protector...her protector!
A protector who defiled his seed
Her brother
A blind brother
Helpless but knowing
Her screams stabbed his heart
Screams of abuse and pain
The screams intensified as the protector plunged deeper
Their protector
A heartless father!
A groan escapes the brother’s lips
He weeps helplessly
Banging on the locked door that separated him from her
Her screams turn to silence
Silence that brings a new darkness
He could feel the room darken thou he was sightless
He shivered as goose bumps appeared on his dark skin
The door closes
And then again the teenager cries
A cry of bitterness and spite
Her mother nowhere to be found
Out and away in search of a new lover
A lover with a purse full of gold coins
This was his world
His home
He was blind but he saw it all
He hated this home
But it was still his home
It was the only home he knew
Tears dripping down his chubby cheeks
He walks towards the heat
Towards the warmth from the blazing sun
Stretching his hands
In search of the warm wood
Alas he touched it
This was his favorite spot
This was his favorite chair
Despite the sadness surrounding him
He found joy sitting in this chair
Enjoying the sight before him
Staring as the gray curtains
The gray curtains of blindness!

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2013

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