Saturday, 13 July 2013


I blamed her for the dirt on my white shoes
My sparkling Shoes of Honor
I loved my shoes
They were my very best
They meant a lot to me
I cherished my white shoes
Comfort for my feet
A boat sailing on land
My white shoes treaded a lot of smooth roads
I faced a lot challenges with these shoes
So white
So pure
And then she caused me to dirty my shoes
I followed her lead
Oh my white shoes!
My Shoes of Honor and grace
I followed wrong
I did wrong
I flawed my innocence
I made a mistake
A mistake that left a stain
An unerasable stain
And now my white shoes are stained
I wept so hard
The tears dropped on my white shoes
But still my white shoes still had the stain
As I sobbed quietly
It hit me hard
I caused it all
She wasn’t at fault
I stepped into the mud
I soiled my own footwear
I caused the mistake
I am responsible for my own actions
I had an option
I could have said “No!”
I could have fled
Fleeing with my white shoes
Fleeing far from the pretty claws
I could have saved my Shoes of Honor
My shoes
My white shoes would have be unstained
Pure and white
Unblemished by a decision so wrong

By Sylvia Chika


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