Saturday, 13 July 2013


Shoes in disarray
Dirty socks in unwanted places
Tie on the table
She cringes
He smiles sheepishly
Unaware of her pain
Her anger
Her disappointment
Unaware he was
Ignorant of the imaginary ants on her skin
The reaction to his disorganized lifestyle
She speaks
A cry unheard…with a voice inaudible
The silence was heated
A dangerous calm
Chaos within her being
A silly kiss hits her heated face
He really was unaware
She too was tired
Homely chores awaited her
But she needed to lay her head upon the soft pillows
To lay beside her mate
Her feet were itchy
But duty called
She sighed as she carried her fatigued being to the kitchen

Sleep deprived
He walks into his home
And straight to the bedroom
In search of solace
Craving for food and peace
Tie on the dressing table
Shoes littered here and there
Socks free in the air
Up! Up! Up they went!
And then like a plane descending the earth, they land safely on the floor
The thunderous sound of hunger in his belly
He was drained
A terrible day it was
Too many meetings and unwanted confrontations
On the bed he dumped his weight
Expecting food and love from his darling mate
She approaches him
A look of…
A look of…hmmmm
A look he couldn’t decode
He offers a smile
And blows a kiss
Just before he slips into the arms of darkness and peace
He was home alas!

By Sylvia Chika

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