Thursday, 30 August 2012


If only they could hear her scream, “Help me!
The chaos all around her was loud yet quiet
Her loved ones kept screaming at the doctors
The doctors kept whispering to the nurses
The nurses continued to shake their heads and this seemed to annoy her loved ones
The feel of her husband’s tears dripping on her dry cheek made her long for the life that was gradually slipping away
She was fighting for her life
Her breath was seizing
The silence was getting even quieter
The calmness was sweet yet wrong
Her eyes were still wide open
She could see it all
She could smell the pungent smell of the hospital
The bright lights stung her eyes
And the white tiles made her feel strange
The nurses seemed upset now
They were pointing at a door
The sign on the door read, “Cashier”
Why were they pointing at that door?
Was the Cashier going to be her Superhero?
Was the Cashier her Sweet Doctor of Healing?
Was the door a miracle door?
If only they knew how close she was to the white light
The hospital lights weren’t the only lights stinging her eyes
There was a stronger source of light
Bright but hazy
Her strength was gradually slipping away
She tried to say something but the words won’t form
Her lips trembled but still, “no words”
Her husband squeezed her right hand and muttered something in pain
She could feel the pain in his brown eyes pierce her heart like a sword
Oh she loved this man!
She truly loved him
And she cherished their fruit
The little being in her round belly
Her mother ran towards that door and came out shortly in frustration
She could see the sorrow in her mother’s eyes
The nurses had stopped pointing
The doctors were nowhere to be found
Something seemed wrong
The nurses slowly left her side in turns
Her husband was now crying like a helpless child
He was dramatically tearing his shirt and running around
He was enraged and she wondered why
The light in her eyes were now blinding her
But mysteriously she could see nothingness
She could no longer see anyone
No loved one
No door
No tiles
No nurses
No doctors
Strangely but amazingly her breath was nonexistent
And then she felt like she was falling
And her eyes opened again
But this time around she could move
So she rolled off the stretcher
But she felt no pain on hitting the ground
She looked around and saw her mother holding a pink bag with money in it
As her husband threw the notes at the nurses in frustration
His eyes were red and he cried bitterly
He suddenly ran out of the hospital
And she ran after him
The doors hit her but she felt nothing
It was like she was floating
He fell on his knees and wept hard
She stooped to comfort him but couldn’t
She couldn’t hold him
Her hands went through his sorrowed being
Then the truth hit her hard
She was no more

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2012
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