Wednesday, 8 August 2012

He Brings Peace

He Brings Peace
Peace Undeserving To Man
But Peace, It Is
Pure Peace
Divine Peace
Like Pure Cotton on the Skin, It Comforts U
Envelopes Your Soul and Yields A Sense Of Calm
And You Smile
And Look Up and Proclaim His Awesomeness
Cos You Know He Alone Can Bring Peace

His Presence Brings Peace
It Washes Away the Deepest Of Pains
It Searches Your Soul and Presents Your True Being
It Places You on a Majestic yet Unearthly Platform
And You Answer Your King
With A Heart of Humility and Truth
Knowing That He Alone Owns Your Being
And He Alone Do You Owe It All To
The Purest and Truest Being in Existence
The Presence That Brings Peace

His Voice Brings Peace
Peace Known to Only the Meek and Pure
But To the Dark Hearted
It Condemns or Destroys
A Voice That Commands Yet Consoles
A Voice That Judges Yet Forgives
A Voice That Thunders Yet Soothes the Soul
The Most Powerful Voice of Authority
The Voice We All Crave For
The Voice That Brings Peace

A Kingdom Of Peace
His Kingdom Of Love
A Kingdom Of Standards
Standards of Purity and Love
Only the Purest Immortals Can Ply the Golden Roads
The Purest With a Heart Filled With Love for Him
The Kingdom That Houses the Greatest Choirs
The Kingdom of the Most High
The Kingdom That Ends All Pains
The Kingdom Of Peace

By Sylvia Chika
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