Friday, 5 May 2017


She tore the envelope open
And she read
Suddenly the clock stopped
Everything around her felt nonexistent
She couldnt think
All she could see was his face
Her hands went numb
As the paper fell to the ground
Memories played
Like a movie being fast-forwarded
She saw pictures of his face move quickly in her head
Her lips moved
But they made no sound
She tried to say his name
But the pain in her throat wouldnt let her
Suddenly the morning turned to evening
The joy turned to sorrow
The smile turned to tears
Her heart broke
She screamed but no sound was heard
Her face felt hot
But her fingers were cold
She wept!
Finally, she found her voice
She croaked his name
But no one replied
He wasnt there with her
But she knew that he would never call her, Nne m
Her son had gone to bed

To never wake up again

By Sylvia Chika
Instagram: @sylviachikawrites
BBM Channel: C002F2845

© 2017 Sylvia Chika

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