Friday, 28 April 2017


Little Writer Girl
I see your pain
You sit in the shadows
You pour out your heart in ink
Your sheet is filled
Your lips may be pink
But you speak no words
All you do is sink!
You sink into an abyss of sorrow
You glance at the mirror and see another
A wrong reflection!
You see the “you” you are creating
A picture of a girl lost in the woods
A child forgotten
A lion injured
You sit on your favorite chair
You spill ink like blood
You stain the sheets of white
Every word tells its own tale
You block out the world
And dish out words
You are disappearing with every written word
You don’t even know it
I see the art
But the image of you is faded
I squint to really see you
But it’s blurry
Where are you?!!
Where is the girl i used to know!!!
Come back home!!!
Don’t be lost in the world you are creating
You are needed here too
Don’t relocate to your world of fiction
Someone here needs you to be great
Someone needs you to see herself clearly
But you are far away
Your words remain
But you are fading
What’s going on?
Wake up, Writer Girl!
Come back home!
Love awaits you on this side
Love you will never see if you fade away
Love you deserve
Love you don’t need to earn
Come back, Writer Girl!
Come home!

By Sylvia Chika
Instagram: @sylviachikawrites
BBM Channel: C002F2845

© 2017 Sylvia Chika

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