Friday, 2 October 2015


She had a jar
An alabaster jar
She used it not for her own gain
It was precious to her
Selling it would have given her much gain
But it wouldn’t have wiped away her pain
She kept this jar safe
It was worth a lot
It was her treasure
But she kept it for a purpose
The purpose wasn’t revealed to her
She kept it
Preserved the scented ointment in it
Its contents
And then the hour came
An opportunity so rare
She heard
She picked up the jar
And she went
Stood behind Him
Right at His feet
Let down her beautiful hair
And glorified him
Wet his feet with her tears
Letting go
Tears freely flowing
And act of total surrender
To honor him
This was what she had to give
This she would give to him
Ignoring the judgmental glares
And worthless side talk
She wiped his feet
Her lovely hair
A suitable offering
She gracefully smeared the ointment on his feet
An act of worship
An act of gratitude
A selfless act
A gift freely given to the one who could save her
The one who could make her whole
Its purpose finally revealed
A gain worth more than coins

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2015

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