Monday, 13 February 2017


A soldier’s farewell
Heaven’s gain
Hearts broken
Words unspoken
A heavenly welcome
For a job well done
Great rejoicing in heaven
But the hearts of mortals are heavy
A hurricane of memories
The pain in our hearts…
…oh the pain!
Earth’s loss
Heaven’s gain
To serve in the flesh  no more
But to be with The Father forever
A soldier’s farewell
A great story to tell
Troubled hearts, “It is well”…do not sorrow
For we will see him in the morrow
Take heart
Wash away the pain
With thoughts of the gain
Weep not again
Cos’ a soldier never dies
A soldier always lives
Because He lives

By Sylvia Chika
Instagram: @sylviachikawrites
BBM Channel: C002F2845

© 2017 Sylvia Chika

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