Sunday, 30 October 2016


Once on a mission
With a map and a vision
But now missing
Life goes on

They sail on
No help
No land
No food

Sailing upon deep waters
Watching the sharks wait patiently
Circling around like hawks watching their prey
On their knees, the soldiers pray

Shaky hands
Hard and cracked lips
Skin covered in blisters
Burnt by the heat from above

Thirsty and hungry
Tempers fly
Desperate hearts
Who would go first?

Or will the sharks dine first
A friend now a potential meal
Or maybe a potential bait
Insanity in abundance

Who is to blame?
“Who wrecked the ship?” they shout
They didn’t deserve this life of pain and shame
Who is to blame!!!

Tempers fly
Fingers pointing
All hell breaks loose
The weak ones cry

Feet thumping hard
The little boat rocks wild
Just as the fists begin to fly
The water gets in

Everyone panics
A reality they dreaded
For three days they dreaded this
Wishing and hoping

But finally the water got in
Sipping in through a shoe-sized hole
Darkness covering every being
Uncertainty shaking their now fragile frame

What was beneath the boat?
Would they join the ship at the bottom?
Were the sharks still waiting?
What would happen?

Who would save them?
Little drops of rain descend upon their skin
Flashes of lightning revealing everything around them
The boat goes down…Water! Water! Water!

A huge wave approaching
Emotions jumbled
To laugh? Or to cry?
No one was certain

Mouths wide open in shock and panic
Taking their very last drink
Relishing the saltiness of the sea
As the wave fiercely approached them

And they drank
And drank!
Forever to be lost at sea 

By Sylvia Chika
Instagram: @sylviachikawrites
BBM Channel: C002F2845

© 2016 Sylvia Chika

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