Monday, 18 April 2016


Write me a night poem
Be kind and patient
Sit with me for a while
I love to see you smile
Hey…here’s my pen
Write me a poem
Write a poem of eight lines or ten
Let the words rhyme
Oh please, take your time
Come sit with me
Here’s a sheet
Write me a poem
Say you love me
Say I’m beautiful
Say things like…loo loo woo woo
I’ll say them too
Just write me a poem
Watch me drift away in sleep
Silly acts I love
Just sit with me
Watch me breathe softly
Then tuck the poem under my pillow
And even though you are gone when I awake in the morning
I’m quite certain it would never be boring
Your poem I shall keep
Kind words of love
Warm words that make my heart leap
Forever to be cherished
Sweet poetic words to be relished

By Sylvia Chika
© 2016 Sylvia Chika 

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