Thursday, 3 March 2016


She ran!
Away from the noise
Away from all her troubles
Away from her sorrows
Away from their judgmental stares
The useless side talks
The back biting
She ran!
Away from it all
And into the warm embrace of the night
The road was lonely
But she cared not
It was just what she needed
The beauty of silence
She arrived at her destination
Her place of solace
Her favorite spot
Her favorite time of the day
The beach at night
Beautiful it was
She loved the beach at night
No one in sight
Just right!
She inhaled the salty air
And exhaled the foul air of strife
Just what she needed
It was cold
But she cared not
The peace felt like a warm blanket around her
She needed this
The ocean was magnificent
It brought joy to her soul
She smiled at its powerful waves
They beat hard against the face of the ocean
They spoke kind words to her
And approached her feet in submission
Kissing the shoreline
This thrilled her
She sat before it
Savoring her few hours of bliss and solitude
She looked up at the moon and smiled
The moon smiled back at her
Her night friend
He loved her frequent visits here
She loved them too
The perfect therapy!
She tried to bury all sad thoughts
The drama and pain she left behind
She deserved this peace
Tomorrow she’ll fight again
But tonight she would savor this beautiful view
And drink it all in…sweet peace!

By Sylvia Chika
© SylviaChika 2016

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea. - Isak Dinesen

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