Wednesday, 25 November 2015


He saw the vultures flying
Around him
And over him
They watch
Vultures here
Vultures there
The vultures watched
They tried to tie him down with silly rituals
The kings and priests of tradition
He talked about his dreams
His vision
His goals
They laughed at him
They poked his head
They wished he him dead
An object of ridicule
Underrated and scorned
He asked for help
No one reached out
A pout here
A shove there
He was hurt
But not discouraged
For he knew who he was
But no one saw it
Sack on his back
He started his journey
Ignoring comfort
Seeking his first brick
The brick for his building
The empire he saw in his dreams
He spread the word
He sort for help
No one reached out
Like the echo of a gong
His words were loud and clear
He was determined
He struck hard
But found no gold
This was beginning to get old
Pained and sad
He fell to his knees
A little prayer
A moment of praise
He got back on his feet
He struck again
But no gold insight
It seemed like it was all in vain
The rains came
He took cover
The sun shined
He resumed his labor
Another strike
The ground was soft
So soft and moist
Easy to dig
He dug deeper
Digging without mercy
The darkness crept in
He felt sad and disappointed
And then he saw it
It was beautiful
It was there
Step one was done
Time flew by
His empire in sight
His future so bright
Trade here
Trade there
A merchant he became
The coins abundant
Clothes of silk
Houses and estates
Bricks upon bricks
His empire fully established
The vultures reappeared
The news was everywhere
The old him disappeared
The new man shining so bright
They watched
They whispered
Their faces covered in shame
He no longer cared
Their presence hurt him not
A dream of years ago
Now an empire on the rock

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2015

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