Friday, 21 August 2015


Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
Have you heard of Tomorrow?
I have
Have you ever met Tomorrow?
I got introduced to her today
Have you seen Tomorrow?
I have
Believe me when I say, “She is absolutely beautiful”
Her poise is unique and rare
She is proud but graceful
Not too many people get to see her
Just the chosen ones
She has a smile that can light up the day of men, women and children
Her white teeth
So clear you can see yourself at a hundred years old
I really love everything about her
But she speaks to no one
Never does she say a word
Some say she is dumb
But I believe she chooses not to speak
I guess it’s part of her unique nature
Another strange thing I noticed is that…
…she rarely blinks
Some say a blink holds a thousand sad tales
Hmm…I told you, she is unique!
I also noticed that she never moves
She stands firm and speaks not
Another unique characteristic of hers
I just hope her feet don’t hurt her so much
Maybe her feet are made of titanium
And then I heard a rumor…
…they say, “She is submissive only to a Higher power
And if she ever moves, she will be gone forever
All will live in the now
No tomorrow
Just yesterday
Just now”
Well, that’s a rumor!
Not my cup of tea
I’m too excited I met her
It’s time for me to live in my now
I’m glad Tomorrow is beautiful
I look forward to seeing her again
So long!
Till we meet again

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2015

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