Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Time For A Revolution

Why me?
So far from me
Oh no!
I need to run
Flee and disappear
Never to reappear
No more insight
An unapologetic flight
My fears
My tears
My worries
They seem to be consuming the better part of me
I shall sail!
I shall flee!
I wail
I cry
Yet I feel no tear drop
My throat remains dry
I croak
I feel pain
I wish for the rain
I wish to taste cool aqua
To wet my dry tongue
To wash away my pain
I will try
I will stay put
I contemplate
And then I feel the rain
It gently washes away the pain
I gasp
I moan
I can taste the refreshing liquid
I roll my dry tongue
I savour its chill
I clench my fist and fall on my knees
In the puddle I kneel
 I scream!
“My weary being be healed!”
So refreshing
So good
This must be the right choice
A choice to make things right
Erase the thoughts of flight
Fix my present
And create a future so bright
The wetness around me causes a rush of inspiration
This downpour…so sweet and arousing
I yield!
No more escape
I’ll face the challenge
No more questions why
No more plot for revenge
No more self-pity
It is time
Time to make a change
My life I would rearrange
This is my resolution
It is time for a revolution

By Sylvia Chika

© SylviaChika 2013

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