Thursday, 22 March 2012


The heart trembles when one falls in-love
It trembles not just because of joy
But because it fears the worst

The worst that can come from heartbreak
It’s is a bitter feeling of rejection
It makes one feel like dirt

Regret and memories cloud your mind
And even the strongest fret
Oh, what a terrible terrible feeling!

My Mama warned me about this…
Even my Dada preached against it
“Falling in-love is dangerous …don’t be a victim!” He warned

If only I had listened
If only I had let the north wind blow my feelings away
This would never have happened

But now…
I’m left with nothingness and hurt
Hurt so painful that I weep

And so far from me is sleep
Oh this I caused myself
And now the price is mine to pay

By Sylvia Chika
BBM Channel: C002F2845
Twitter: @sylviaoz
© 2012 Sylvia Chika

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